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I was a strange combination of shocked, horrified, and amused recently when I read a proposed question and testimony that MMS could be used to treat CF. MMS, (miracle mineral solution, miracle mineral supplement, or master mineral solution depending on which re-branding you are looking at) if you are unfamiliar, is a snake oil concoction of the worst kind. Created by Jim Humble, leader of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, it is mainly known for how it has been marketed to parents of children with autism as a cure. I have been an outspoken critic of MMS and Kerri Riverra (the woman who hooks these parents with fear and false hope) since I first learned about it in 2013. However, I never thought I would have to defend against its use in CF. It was almost surreal to read someone advocating it.

As it stands, though, the reality is that MMS advocates are branching out to market to other diseases, (it’s already been touted as a cure for cancer, AIDS, malaria, hepatitis, and others as well). There are already a variety of websites that have decimated the claims of MMS, and the con-artists selling it. I will list those references at the end of this post, since they have already done a much better job of explaining it than I am about to. Because of that and my prior familiarity with the topic, this post will essentially be my summary of what I know of it and the information common to other evidence-based websites.

What makes Miracle Mineral Solution so toxic is that it is essentially industrial strength bleach, sodium chlorite, which is then “activated” by a food acid such as vinegar or citric acid. This reaction produces a solution of chlorine dioxide (CD or ClO2), a powerful oxidizing agent that’s hazardous to humans in even low doses.girl-poison-water-300x199

CD is used in several industrial processes, including water treatment and bleaching consumer products. Of course, by the time those products, and potable water makes it to our hands and lips, there is virtually no trace of it left. CD is tightly regulated by most governments, and is not approved for medicinal or food use anywhere.  It is not available for the average consumer to use in the home; only industrial bleaching processes, and thus the manufacture, sale, or distribution of CD by any unlicensed individual is illegal in most areas.

The maximum exposure limit to CD is well below the recommended dose. While the creators of MMS insist that their recipe for mixing it yields a solution much weaker than the industrial counterpart, the reality is that their instructions for use dilute the CD in water to approximately 250-500 parts per million, which, at face value, seems very small. But when you consider the chemical’s safety data sheet, used by the industries that treat water and other consumer products, the concentrations are rarely more than 3 parts per million. Similarly, the WHO’s recommendation for the safe daily intake of chlorite, a chemical derivative of CD that is produced when it reacts in the body, is just 0.3 mg/kg. A single dose of CD contains close to 400 mg/kg.

Any competent chemist can explain that CD is a highly reactive chemical and will damage cells indiscriminately. Within seconds of ingestion, it begins to strip electrons away from molecules in our body; molecules that make up all the proteins, vitamins, minerals, and micro organisms that we are made of. In the digestive system, some of these chemical reactions produce the poisons chlorite, chlorate, chlorine and chloroform, which, scientists have worried, could make it into the blood stream, causing tissue damage, infertility, pain, and organ failure.

Lab tests have been done to observe the precise mechanisms of action that occur in the body with CD, however these tests were done in with 5 and 25 parts per million, and the participants were instructed to sip the solution over the course of an hour. Because the reactions in the body happen very fast, the actual measured amount of CD in the stomach at any given time was very small. Kerri Rivera, and proponents of using CD as medicine, instruct users to ingest the solution in a single shot, (or worse, as a daily enema) resulting in much higher concentrations than what were observed in the tests, which I imagine no ethical review board would ever approve of human testing at those levels.

At these levels, an effect called methaemoglobinaemia would occur. Essentially, that means that oxygen- carrying red blood cells are damaged to the point of not being able to do their jobs. With repeated dosing, or in people with a certain genetic mutation that can’t fight methaemoglobinaemia, this can easily be deadly.

Another thing that has been proven to happen is that it depletes the body of sodium, an essential mineral, to the point of causing near lethal blood pressure from severe dehydration. This is more proof that the creators of this poisonous snake oil do not understand the chemistry as they claim they do, since they assert that CD breaks down into harmless water and salt. In addition to sodium, (and iodine, and iron, and manganese), CD also seems to completely destroy the molecules that make up Vitamin C, leaving the user critically deficient. In the protocol designed by Jim Humble and Kerri Rivera, vitamin C supplements and foods high in vitamin C are prohibited, as they believe it will impact its potency. As a matter of fact, their plan includes a very strict dietary regimen that would leave most people malnourished in one way or another.

MMS can be delivered to the body in multiple ways: eye drops, baths, nebulized vapor (I shudder to think), drinking regular doses seems to be more common in adults, where as parents of young children are often told to administer it to them in a daily enema. A daily enema of any sort is damaging, as it disrupts the bowel functions and can even lead to perforations and incontinence. A daily bleach enema is abusive and torturous. The sort of chemical reactions that happen when CD is ingested, still happen inside the colon, and it can be very painful, nauseating, and can damage many organs as it is absorbed in the blood stream.

This stuff can even be strong enough to disrupt DNA synthesis, particularly since these are amateur chemists mixing highly volatile chemicals in their kitchen, and inconsistent or improper mixing can happen easily.  There’s no regulatory body overseeing what you get when you order MMS through a highly secretive website, especially when manufacturers go out of their way to get around the law by claiming it is for water purification, not ingestion.

Pictures have circulated Facebook and other social media of proud parents, who believe they are curing their children’s autism, posting what they believe to be “rope worm parasites” (such an organism does not exist), they have pulled from their child’s stool after an enema. What these “dead parasites” really are, are the lining of the intestines which, quite literally, have burned off through the use of corrosive CD.

It takes a massive amount of cognitive dissonance to believe that MMS really is a harmless cure, and that governments world wide have suppressed this knowledge and are purposefully persecuting the creators, marketers, and sellers of it. Especially, when the leader of the Genesis II Church, a former scientologist, believes he was part of the Space Navy sent here on a mission by other galactic peoples to look out for the humans on Earth.  However, when in desperation, even the most intelligent of people can be swayed by the emotional claims and moving testimonials of MMS. Their fear for their child, and their hope for the future, all can outweigh the established toxicological profile of this product. It’s true that activated MMS can kill the sickness causing bacteria, and dissolve mucus but it also will indiscriminately erode healthy tissue and damage cells. It will not treat Cystic Fibrosis, it will only cause bodily harm, and possibly more chronic health problems.



Read the 2010 FDA warning of MMS here: http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm220747.htm

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The trial of four MMS peddlers from the Pacific Northwest is going on RIGHT NOW! (May, 2015) Here are the details of that: http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/four-charged-internet-sales-industrial-bleach-miracle-cure


Watch the thoroughly detailed Irish RTE Prime Time documentary on MMS, The Bleach Cult here: http://www.rte.ie/news/player/prime-time/2015/0408/  Approx. running time 35 minutes.








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